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Rye Berry or Wheat Berry Pudding

Now that I know that rye berries have a mild flavor, I’ve been looking for recipes that would utilize the Butterworks Farm organic rye berries¬† from Upper Valley Food Co-op. Might I find a recipe similar to rice pudding? I … Continue reading

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Black Beans

Dried beans are an easily-stored, year-round source of protein. The locally-grown commercial supply is limited, but we gardeners can grow our own. Dry beans can be shucked by hand or by bicycled-powered thresher!¬† I have grown black beans the past … Continue reading

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Rye Berry/Wheat Berry Walnut Cheddar Loaf

The Upper Valley Food Co-op has been carrying organic rye berries from Butterworks Farm in their bulk department. Rye berries . . . what would one do with rye berries?! I am not a big fan of dark rye breads … Continue reading

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Gypsy Soup

Luna Bleu Farm was selling onions, carrots, celeriac, garlic, and winter squash at the Norwich Winter Market on Saturday; Your Farm had potatoes. I had garden tomatoes*, peppers**, and basil*** in my freezer. There were black beans from my garden, … Continue reading

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Mint Tea

Mint is a bit of a rogue in the garden; it’s a wanderer and often spreads to places where it is not welcome . . . but come winter, it is a delight to have a goodly supply of dried … Continue reading

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