Know Your Farmer!

THIS is freshly-squeezed orange juice

Have you seen the ad where the orange picker is on the other side of the grocery store shelf, racing to get the just-picked orange juice into the hands of the next customer? Well, it turns out that that “just-picked”, “not from concentrate”, “freshly-squeezed” orange juice may have been sitting in a vat for up to a year. “The orange juice companies market their premium brands as fresh-squeezed and better than concentrated,” says Alissa Hamilton, author of Squeezed: What You Don’t Know About Orange Juice, “but it’s a heavily processed product.” At this point, no one is saying that the process is dangerous to health, although one has to wonder what has happened to the nutrients in the process, but what is so outrageous is the claim of freshness. The ABC News report is just one more data point in questioning the integrity of corporate food suppliers and demonstrating the value of knowing your farmers. See ABC News report at (The next video in the report sequence deals with arsenic in apple juice!)

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