New Local Products at Lebanon Co-op

Wapsie Valley Heirloom Corn

How delightful to find many new local products in bulk at the Lebanon Co-op today! There was organic corn meal and corn grits from Great River Farm in Windsor Vt. The corn is Wapsie Valley Corn, an heirloom variety of corn that is over 100 years old. It comes from the Waspsie Valley in Ontario, Canada. They selected this variety because of it’s short maturity, ideal for Vermont, as well as for it being an open-pollinated corn. It is not a hybrid and has both dark yellow and bronze red kernals. Jim Geer at Great River wants it to be as far removed as possible from all GM (gentically modified) varieties of corn and hopes they can continue to grow a pure variety of this corn.

There was also organic whole wheat bread flour, whole spelt flour, and hard red winter wheat berries from Great River, and Red Fife whole wheat flour from Beidler Family Farm in Randolph Center VT. Most of these products have been available in bulk at the Upper valley Food Co-op, but this is a first for the Co-op in Lebanon.

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