I ❤ Potatoes!

In early May, while straightening my hall closet, I discovered a small bag of potatoes purchased at the Lebanon Winter Market. They had long sprouts, some sprouts more than a foot long! I was starting to plant in my plot in the community garden and wondered if I could use these sprouted potatoes. Were they viable? Too far gone? Why not experiment? Eureka – the experiment worked! I have already harvested 5 potatoes, the first potatoes I have ever grown. What fun to dig them up! My plan was to harvest in the Fall so I could photograph how many . . . but having dug and cooked a few, I find I cannot wait. They are delicious!

My raised bed is only 10 inches deep; as the potato plants grow, I mulch them with straw, hoping potatoes will eventually be found in the straw. So far, the potatoes I’ve harvested have been in the soil, but it is early yet. It may be my Irish heritage . . . boiled and mashed, baked, roasted, grilled, in soups, pancakes, or potato salad . . . and, dare I admit, French fried, I ❤ potatoes.

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4 Responses to I ❤ Potatoes!

  1. Fun! I’m glad you took the leap and planted them! I wish you a bountiful harvest and many delicious meals.

  2. uvlocalvores says:

    Thanks Eleanor. I have to say I feel much like Little Jack Horner as I reach my hand in . . . and pull out a potato . . even better than Christmas pie!

  3. jennifer fisk says:

    I did the same thing and they seem to be doing quite well. So much for needing to buy seed potatoes and treat them properly.

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