Neighboring Food Co-ops Frozen Foods!

The Neighboring Food Co-ops frozen foods are now in at the Lebanon and the Upper Valley Food co-ops! The NFCA continues its collaboration with Sunrise Orchards and Deep Root Organic Co-op, introducing more certified organic produce and expanding the period of availability. The products are processed and packaged here in our region by Farm to Table Co-Packers and the Vermont Food Venture Center.

Together, they are extending the marketing season for family farmers in the Northeast, and increasing the availability of healthy, sustainably grown, regionally sourced and processed fruits and vegetables for consumers.

* Blueberries. Our delicious highbush blueberries were grown by Green Mountain Orchards and Harlow’s Sugar House in Putney, VT. The growers practice Integrated Pest Management (IPM) to control insect pests, weeds and diseases in their fields.

* Organic Broccoli. Les Vallons Maraîchers is located in Compton, Québec, just a few short miles from the northern Vermont border. Members of Deep Root Organic Co-op since 1997, Jacques Blain and Josee Gaudet believe that farming is about a passion and love for the land. This love shines through in the vegetables that they grow, including their delicious organic broccoli.

* Organic Green Beans. Martin and Christa Stosiek started Markristo Farm in 1988 on the land where Martin was raised in Hillsdale, NY. Active board members of Berkshire Grown, the Stosiek’s are committed to healthy food systems and sustainable agriculture.

* Sweet Corn. Our delicious, non-GMO sweet corn is grown by Gill Farm in New York State. First planted by John Gill’s grandfather in 1937, the farm now produces a wide variety of produce using Integrated Pest Management (IPM) methods.

* Organic Sweet Corn. Jane Sorensen and David Marchant of River Berry Farm in Fairfax, VT, have been providing the tastiest organic fruits and vegetables since 1992, and have been members of Deep Root Organic Co-op for most of those years.

This project of the Neighboring Food Co-ops Association is a great step forward on the road to greater regional food self-reliance.

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4 Responses to Neighboring Food Co-ops Frozen Foods!

  1. jennifer fisk says:

    That is fantastic. Wish I lived closer.

  2. Erbin says:

    Thanks for helping us get the word out!

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