Mozzarella Making

Beth teaches the gentle art of mozzarella making

Beth teaches the gentle art of mozzarella making

On Saturday, there was a free mozzarella making workshop at the Sustainable Farmer in Windsor VT. While we learned about the whole process, what we actually did was the final stage of turning the fresh curd into mozzarella balls. The session was led by cheese maker Beth Carlson and at least 30 people showed up to learn how. We all went home with a ball of mozzarella and many of us took some of the remaining curd to transform at home. I had never been to the Sustainable Farmer – a source for many local products: lots of local cheeses (including Cobb Hill), Green Mountain Flour breads and pancake mixes, Fox mustard, cheese-making kits, locally-made jams and chutneys, honey products, Castleton crackers, etc. Proximity to Harpoon Brewery pub next door made for an enjoyable finale to the experience!

There are many on-line sources for mozzarella making, but here are three tips from Beth: don’t use ultra-pasteurized milk, don’t use chlorinated water, and be gentle or you’ll end up with rubbery cheese! Stay tuned to the Sustainable Farmer schedule of tasting events and classes in bee-keeping and cheese-making.

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