“Farmer Up!” – Janisse Ray

Janisse Ray, author of The Seed Underground: A Growing Revolution to Save Food, did a reading at the Hartland Library last night. She is delightful and inspiring!  She celebrated Hartland seed-saver, Sylvia Davatz, who was in the audience, “a local hero”.  

“Rev up your awesome.  Look around, so many people have their shoulders into the load.  You.  Pick a place to push.  Pick up a tool–a hoe or a shovel.  Start turning the compost bin, to make the soil in which the seed will grow.  You will begin at the center, the center of many concentric circles that expand further and further out from you.  You will become a local hero and a local rock star, and from there your influence will wash outward, even across the globe, where so many people are rising up like germinating embryos to claim food sovereignty, to rescue local seeds, and to guard human civilization’s cornucopia.  Come home.  Have the courage to live the life you dream: There is nothing greater than this. Begin now. Are you going to farmer up or just lie there and bleed?” – Janisse Ray, The Seed Underground: A Growing Revolution to Save Food  

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