Rose Hip-Mint Tea

Rosa Rugosa Hips

Rosa Rugosa Hips

Have you ever made rose hip tea? I did a few years ago, using fresh rose hips. I was unimpressed. I’ve since learned one needs twice as many fresh ones as dried, and that mint makes a nice addition. Since rose hips offer a good winter source of vitamin C, I decided to try again. In late September, while vacationing at a cottage on Little Diamond Island in Maine, I gathered plump rose hips. (The rosa rugosa had been planted to prevent erosion and were doing a good job of keeping the cottage from falling into the sea!) I sliced off the rose end, cut them in half and seeded them . . . a sticky process. I left the hips for a few hours to dry in the sun, then put them on a cookie sheet in a 190 degree oven for about 8 hours until dried. This morning, I put a sprig of dried mint and a few rose hips in my little tea pot, added boiling water, brewed for 10 minutes, and added a spot of maple syrup. Ah, a tasty tea!

This winter is predicted to be a hard one – I love knowing I have this stash of dried rose hips, mint, and maple syrup (bits of spring and summer) to see me through the coming cold, dark winter afternoons.

Dried mint and rose hips

Dried mint and rose hips

Brewed rose hip-mint tea

Brewed rose hip-mint tea

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