Local Acorn Flour!

DSCN9632 (1)

I splurged this weekend. For some, a splurge might be a bottle of wine or a meal at a fine restaurant; for me, it was a quart jar of acorn flour purchased at Killdeer Farm Stand, where Jason Avis was premiering his Oaklore acorn products . . . and offering samples of delicious acorn pancakes. That quart jar set me bsck $24.99 . . . but if ever there was a value-added product, this is it! Gathered in the fall, the acorns have been sorted, dried, shelled, ground, leached of their bitter tannins, and dried again.

The annual nut crop from oak trees in North America surpasses the combined yearly yield of all other nut trees, both wild and cultivated. Acorns were the staff of life for many Native American groups, who ground the nuts into meal for bread and mush. Might acorns once again become a source of nutrition for modern day localvores? My breakfast this morning was a localvore treat made with Beidler Family Farm whole wheat flour, Oaklore acorn flour, Luna Bleu eggs, Strafford Creamery milk, and Vermont maple syrup.

Killdeer Farm stand’s Scott Woolsey says he has made delicious pasta by substituting 2 tablespoons of acorn flour in his regular recipe. I look forward to experimenting with this “new” local product.

More info on Jason’s venture at http://www.oakloreproducts.com/  as well as an earlier story https://uvlocalvores.wordpress.com/2012/12/29/acorn-cranberry-muffins/

Valley News article: http://www.vnews.com/lifetimes/17364341-95/foraging-for-flour

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