Free-Range Hens at Sunrise Farm

Image-1 - 2019-03-31T094104.664

I love that the red laying hens at Sunrise Farm in WRJ, VT have a large protected space in which to range freely.  They can supplement their diet with seeds and bugs. They lay  eggs in the morning and roost at night in a mobile chicken coop. As the coop is moved, the valuable nutrients from their manure are distributed around the farm. Their Non-GMO eggs are now available at the farm. (Their quality of life is so much better than the lives of most hens!)

Sunrise Farm still has a few CSA openings .

*Half a year of certified-organic veggies starting late April / early May

*Free choice of pickup days, Mondays or Thursday, 11 AM to 6 PM

*Market-style choice of veggies each week, per usual

*Pick-your-own herbs, flowers, and veggies, per usual

*Cost: $660 full share; $380 half share

For those of you interested in half shares, you can either split a full share with a friend, alternating pickup weeks, or purchase a half share on your own.





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