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Mid-March Local Food from Willing Hands!

Every Fall, Willing Hands collaborates with local orchards and a cadre of volunteer gleaners, to bring in a harvest of apples for food pantries, community dinners, and other organizations that distribute needed food. Tons of apples are collected; some are … Continue reading

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Winter Staple: Squash!

Northeastern Native Americans grew pumpkins and other squashes; they roasted or boiled them, and, at times, preserved the flesh as conserves in syrup. New England settlers were not impressed by the Native Americans’ squash until they had to survive the … Continue reading

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Rose Hip-Mint Tea

Have you ever made rose hip tea? I did a few years ago, using fresh rose hips. I was unimpressed. I’ve since learned one needs twice as many fresh ones as dried, and that mint makes a nice addition. Since … Continue reading

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Neighboring Food Co-ops Frozen Veggies!

I was delighted (ecstatic?) to discover the regional frozen veggies at the Lebanon Co-op yesterday: broccoli, corn, green beans, and blueberries, the “fruits’ of a collaboration between Sunrise Orchard and the Neighboring Food Co-ops Association. They seem to have arrived … Continue reading

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Roasted Cherry Tomatoes

In preparation for the onslaught of Hurricane Irene, I harvested cherry tomatoes . . . which were now magnets for fruit flies in my kitchen (spontaneous generation?!) Roasting them seemed the quickest solution. There are many variations on this theme, … Continue reading

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Rye Berry or Wheat Berry Pudding

Now that I know that rye berries have a mild flavor, I’ve been looking for recipes that would utilize the Butterworks Farm organic rye berries  from Upper Valley Food Co-op. Might I find a recipe similar to rice pudding? I … Continue reading

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Black Beans

Dried beans are an easily-stored, year-round source of protein. The locally-grown commercial supply is limited, but we gardeners can grow our own. Dry beans can be shucked by hand or by bicycled-powered thresher!  I have grown black beans the past … Continue reading

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