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Winter Staple: Squash!

Northeastern Native Americans grew pumpkins and other squashes; they roasted or boiled them, and, at times, preserved the flesh as conserves in syrup. New England settlers were not impressed by the Native Americans’ squash until they had to survive the … Continue reading

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Acorn Cranberry Muffins!

” Looking to borrow a Kitchen Aid mixer for a day or two that I would purchase a grain mill attachment for . . . In exchange, please borrow the grain mill attachment any time for any of your flour-making … Continue reading

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Maple-Orange-Rhubarb Pie

My friend Jean served a delicious treat: Orange Rhubarb Pie. I no longer use granulated sugar* and wondered if local maple syrup might serve as a substitute. I am pleased to say the experiment worked well: Maple-Orange-Rhubarb Pie 2 9-inch … Continue reading

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When Upper Valley Localvores took their first 100-Mile Diet Challenge in August 2005, we came upon a major challenge: what would we do for salt? We had corn on the cob and tomatoes aplenty . . . but was there … Continue reading

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Potatoes can contribute much to the goal of greater regional food sustainability. Potatoes offer good levels of protein, carbohydrates, vitamin C and significant amounts of calcium and other minerals. Unlike many grains which require equipment for harvesting, threshing, grinding, etc, … Continue reading

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Cornmeal (“skamontahigan”) was a staple food of the Abenaki people, who were native to our region. Thanks to Butterworks Farm in Westfield VT, we still have access to local cornmeal, available in bulk at the Upper Valley Food Co-op in … Continue reading

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A Little Upper Valley Localvore History

Here are a few of the 100-Mile Diet challenge-takers at the first UVLocalvore potluck in August 2005. We feasted on borscht, potato-onion fritatta, salad greens with maple vinaigrette, tomatoes and goat cheese, blackberries and maple yogurt, iced mint tea, and … Continue reading

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